State Levels 2017

Gymnastics Queensland
2017 Trampoline State Levels
Gold Coast Sports & Leisure Centre, Nerang
11 12 & 13/08/17

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GA National Championships

Victoria Park Gymnastic & Trampoline Club Inc
13 Queensland State Team representatives competing at the Gymnastics Australia Nationals 2017.
Jarrod Spear, Britney Glazebrook, Hannah Spidy Brown, Samuel Durkin, Heidi Leigh, Elloise Wogand, Brydie McKee, Matthaeus Grieves, Cooper Lill, Reannan Campbell, Scarlett Price, Isabella Grieves & Karlin McKee.

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Application to participate in our fun filled Winter Holiday Fun @ the Gym program.<

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Winter Holiday Fun @ the Gym

Offering excellent holiday fun programs throughout the June/July school holidays for children attending prep - thirteen years, boys & girls.

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WG Coaching Position



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Great Coaching Position available

WAG Specialist Coach

Victoria Park Gymnastic & Trampoline Club Inc in Rockhampton, are seeking a WAG Specialist Coach to join our womens program Levels 4-8.  It is expected that the successful applicant will be offered 30hours/week (20 direct coaching and 10 program administration hours).  The position will commence Term 1, 2017.

 If you have the following qualifications and attributes and believe you are capable of delivering quality programs for gymnasts aspiring to achieve competitive goals, regional, state & national you may be just the person we are looking for.

Skills and Knowledge

  Good working knowledge of gymnastics skill progression for gymnastics within the WAG National Levels Program

  Willingness to prepare and present gymnasts for competitions

  Ability to work unsupervised

  Ability to work effectively as part of a team

  Able to communicate effectively with officials, gymnasts and their parents

  Demonstrates a best practice approach


  Current Technical Member of Gymnastics Australia with WAG Advanced qualification or above

  WAG judging qualifications

  Current First Aid qualification

To apply for the position, please email your expression of interest and resume to Kerry Smyth:

We are eager to secure the services of an enthusiastic motivated coach to add to our program and hopefully lead our gymnasts and coaches  -  fitness & fun through to achieving greater heights in 2017 and beyond!!

Great year to join our Vici Park family, this year we celebrate 30 years of gymnastics in the Rockhampton community!!

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RRC Drainage Project

Message to club members and frequent visitors to our club venue!!

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Find us on Facebook


Find us on Facebook
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Find us on Facebook
Victoria Park Gymnastic & Trampoline Club Inc
Closed group dedicated to our club members and activities
please ask to join!

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Experience the health benefits of being outdoors

Experience the Health Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

Today, society has become increasingly dependent on technology, and while this can allow achievements that were never possible before, it also changes the way that people live and work. Sometimes, the change is not overly positive. In many households, you will find that people spend too much time indoors, sitting down, and using devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones. This is true for both children and adults, and its; not exactly the healthiest behavior.

Getting outside is something that kids and adults both used to love to do. Afternoons would be filled with the sounds of children playing on their bicycles, or on trampolines and swingsets. If more people spent more time outside, overall health levels might actually increase.

Lets take a look at why going outside can be so beneficial for your health.

Being Outside Helps You to Relax

When you sit in front of a television or computer for too long, it is easy to become stressed, and you will never have a chance to decompress. Heading outside is a simple way to relax, and it should be your activity of choice when you need to unwind. You dont need to actually do anything outside, you could simply watch your kids play, sit in a chair and enjoy the sun, or just enjoy the sounds of nature all around you.

Eyesight Can Be Improved by Spending Time Outside

There is a worrying trend of degraded eyesight and related eye problems in children, especially those who have highly academic upbringings. Many believe that this problem is caused by children spending too much of their time in front of computers, televisions, smartphones, and gaming consoles. Going outside will give eyes a break from the stress that is caused by looking at screens and the artificial light that they produce.

Boost Vitamin D Levels by Being Outside

Going outside can give you exposure to sunlight, which in turn will help your body to produce healthy levels of Vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for health, but there are very few foods that are able to provide us with it. This is why going out into the sun is the best way to boost your Vitamin D levels, and you only need to be in sunlight for about 15 20 minutes of every day. Vitamin D can help you to absorb other nutrients more efficiently. The results can include stronger bones, and less risk of developing some kinds of cancer.

Get More Energy from Physical Activity

If you choose to go outside and be active, then you will be rewarded with increased energy levels. Exercise is a great way to boost your energy, and it can even heighten your mood. Taking a daily walk or jog can alleviate stress and treat or prevent depression. Of course, getting outside exercise also means that you can benefit your weight and your overall health, as you will be strengthening your muscles, bones, and your cardiovascular system. Try get the whole family into enjoying outside activities, especially when it comes to your kids.

Motivate Yourself Through Movement

When you go outside and choose to become active, you will actually be motivating yourself to continue that type of activity. If your lifestyle is mostly sedentary at this time, then just making the decision to go outside could change all of that. When you choose a more active lifestyle, you will be both happier and healthier. If you have children, then it is essential that you set a good example, by encouraging the family to spend more time outside.

Just because we live in an age of technology, that doesnt mean that we have to be locked up indoors, with eyes glued to our computers and smart devices. In your own family, take the first step by encouraging everyone to get outside more. What starts as a simple activity could soon become a habit, leading to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

The team at Vuly Trampolines supports local communities be encouraging them to get outside and be healthy and active.

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Trampoline - to achieve greater heights

Over the next few months, Victoria Park's Trampoline program will be preparing for a number of state and national events.  Our squad of sixteen Queensland representatives will be joine by another 10-15 trampolinists to contest the State Championships (Gold Coast August) and the National Club Levels (Bendigo September). 

In a bid to support our trampolinists achieve their competitive goals, Trampoline parents will engage in a series of fundraising events to assist with the financial committment undertaken by our team.

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Venue:  Hall St Wandal  Postal :  PO Box 162 Rockhampton 4700
Telephone: 07 49225986   Facsimile: 0749222249